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A Gift The Entire Family Will Love

From audiovisual equipment to universal remotes and smart lighting control, captivating cinematic experiences can be yours at home.

Bami Technologies will design and install the custom home theater of your dreams and make it work seamlessly with sophisticated smart home controls so you can fully immerse yourself in movie magic.

Set the mood with a voice command or with a single tap on your phone, keypad, or remote that transforms your space; the projector screen and blinds lower, the lights dim, and the film begins! You can even control other parts of your home, so you never have to leave the couch to turn off the hallway lights, see who is at the door, or close the garage.

Why Hire Bami Technologies

Having your system professionally installed by Bami Technologies means you’re getting years of experience, hands-on training, and access to our lifetime support. We are armed with the knowledge that delivers on your smart home dream.

Bami Technologies is the Way to Go

Choosing whether to handle your project yourself or to hire someone is a big decision. Each approach has its merits, but you’ll reap the greatest rewards by hiring a pro. With extensive knowledge and rigorous training in wiring, networking, audio/video, and more, Bami Technologies smart home professional is armed with tools, resources, and experience to create a truly intelligent home of your dreams.

Tailored For You

Missing from a DIY system will be the customization and scalability you get from a professionally installed home automation system. A professionally installed smart home system is tailored to perform precisely the way you want it to. Then after the initial install, personalization gives you the power to change or modify your system as desired. You can adjust and fine-tune many of the features of your system to match exactly what you need without the help of a dealer.

Reliability and Quality Guaranteed

Even though your home automation system is built to last, from time to time, technology needs a little extra TLC or updating to stay fresh and always work reliably. The wireless network in your home might need to be tweaked, or a wire may need to be routed to an area that’s difficult to reach. Bami Technologies has the tools, knowledge, and training to guarantee that your home automation system will perform optimally. And should you ever run into a glitch—even months or years after the system has been installed—Bami Technologies will always be there to help.