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Wireless Towers

We have over three years of experience in wireless tower building. Our foremen have a sufficient skill to read and interpret documents such as graphs, diagrams, MOP, safety rules. At Bami Technologies, we required our foremen to maintain industry certifications including RF Safety Certificate, OSHA 10/30, NWSA, CPR/First Aid, etc. Our focus on reliability and efficiency allows us to compete in the fast-growing industry and help our customer:

  • New site built
  • Carrier Addition
  • Drop and Swaps
  • Tower modification
  • Structural upgrades

PIM Testing

To catch up with exponential increased demand, wireless networks are leveraging more spectrum bands in recent years. A wideband deployment, produces a Passive Intermodulation (PIM) that is becoming one of the most common problems for every wireless network during the construction phase. Bami Technologies field engineering teams have the expertise and gears to address site hygiene, hunting and mitigate PIM to:

  • Reduce noise and increase coverage
  • Reduce dropped calls
  • Increase data throughput

Equipment Installation

Equipment installation is first phase new gear integration into the network, it must be done right to avoid any future service drop out. To ensure that it’s done once and right, Bami Technologies has a team of qualified specialists depending on equipment vendor.

Commissioning & Integration

Bami Technologies’ Commissioning and Integration (C&I) group focus on helping our customer add new carriers, and/or new technologies into their existing networks. We are well equipped to supporting any large or small-scale network launch. Our team has experience working on many different equipment vendor and OSS systems and can manage all aspects of wireless network C&I.

E-911 VoLTE Functionality and Throughput Testing

E-911 call routing is an important requirement for any wireless network. Here at Bami Technologies, we have a team of expert to handle your field level E-911 testing.

Bami Technologies has years of experience performing functionality Throughput testing specifically on wireless cellular technologies (e.g. 5G NR NSA, 4G LTE, CDMA, GSM). All field level testing we perform are used to evaluate end users experience. For that reason, the accuracy of our testing results are key to our quality work submitted to our customers in a concise final report to help their RF team validate their back-end performance testing results.

Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

A distributed antenna system (DAS) is a network of spatially separate antenna nodes connected to a common source via a transport system that provides wireless services within a geographical area where they are a huge number of users such as arena, stadium, hotel…etc. 

Bami Technologies disposes of highly experienced team of DAS deployment. We provide:

  • DAS Planning
  • System Design
  • Equipment sourcing
  • Equipment Installation
  • DAS node commissioning integration

Cloud run Solutions

With 5G NR reduced coverage area due to shorter wave length, Cloud run is one the best option for expanding network coverage. At Bami Technologies, we have a team of expert that will assist our customer from back-end BBU installation and commissioning to remote radio head deployment.

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