Portfolio : Telecommunications

LTE and 5G Macro site Modification

Client: T-Mobile
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Year: 2021

BBUs and RRH upgrade:

·       Installed dual technologies LTE/5G NR radios on top of the tower 

·       Decommissioned the legacies single Band Radios

·       Migrated the old Nokia ESMB and FSMF to Nokia Airscal BBU

·       Configured the Single run radio access network (SRAN) configuration

·       Performed e-911 call testing

·       Performed VoLTE functionality and data throughput testing 

Site Support Router Upgrade

Bay Area, CA

LTE and 5G Cloud Run Solution

Las Vegas, NV

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U.S. Air Force
Mountain Home, Idaho

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Kisswire, Inc.
Pine Bluff, Arkansas

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