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Switchgear Repair & Upgrade

Client: DoD / DISA
Location: DISA Columbus, Ohio
Year: 2021


  • Provide and install two new SPDs/TVSS in two existing 4000Amps Switchgears.
  • Update PLC Program for paralleling of two 2.5MVA generators.
  • Update two HMI programs for the two generators above.
  • Update HMI program for the two 4000Amps Switchgears.
  • Update system simulator program.
  • Provide and update drawing for the system in Autocad format.
  • Perform testing per NETA/ANSI recommendation.
  • Perform engineering studies of the substation(13.2KV) and building 23.
  • Provide a report of the following:
    • ArcFlash Analysis
    • Equipment duty
    • Device Coordination Study
    • Device evaluation and recommendation

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